Alderman Roderick Sawyer and State Representative Theresa Mah endorse Dilara Sayeed for State Representative 

(CHICAGO) January 16 – At a staple of culture, Pearl’s Place on the South Side of Chicago, 6th Ward Alderman and Chair of the Chicago Aldermanic Black Caucus Roderick Sawyer and 2nd  District State Representative Theresa Mah endorsed Dilara Sayeed for State Representative.  Dilara also received the endorsement of former US Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, and faith-based leaders.

At a press conference, Sayeed spoke about improving economic opportunities within and for communities of color, reducing violence and creating safe spaces, her background in education and, through it, creating better opportunities for young people, and her commitment to public service.

“I have been impressed not only by Dilara’s experience but by her passion and commitment to the children of our city,” stated Alderman Roderick Sawyer.  “With the problems our schools face today, we need someone with her background fighting for us so every parent, regardless of where they live, can send their children to a safe and welcoming school with a well-trained teacher who can help them reach their potential. Dilara believes, as I do, that strong, well-resourced public schools are a crucial anchor of a strong and safe community. She knows and respects the needs and rights of public school teachers.”

Dilara is taking her public service to the next level as candidate for the 5th District to protect our American values of justice, equality, and pluralism.

“I am proud to stand beside and endorse Dilara Sayeed for State Representative.  Dilara will be a fighter for change and a beacon of hope for communities which have been underserved.” stated Illinois State Rep. Theresa Mah. “Dilara will be a champion everyday for working families, creating stronger neighborhoods, and building strong economic support throughout the 5th district.  She is a product of Head Start Preschool, and will be a strong supporter of early childhood education.  Dilara’s history of supporting Kindergarten through college education, as the Chief Education Officer of the Golden Apple Foundation and a fierce proponent of public schools, will serve children and families of Illinois in the best possible way.”

Dilara is a product of the Head Start preschool program, Chicago Public Schools and a Catholic high school. Dilara has been an educator and community leader for over 20 years. She is a former teacher and education policy expert who uses her real-world experience to help people of all backgrounds succeed.

“As we gather, after celebrating the message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we recognize his message was one of togetherness, resistance to a divisive politics and an appeal to the hope of peace and love of a better tomorrow,” stated Greg Abdullah Mitchell, Executive Director of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago. “We must also remember that his message didn’t end with words, but it began with courage. That courage is what leads us to improve our homes and communities, to abolish bigotry and racism, and always bend that arc toward justice.  Today, I proudly support Dilara Sayeed for State Representative because she embodies the words of Dr. King.  Dr. King spoke about inclusion, equality, improved education and economic prosperity.  Dilara is a daughter of the community and has served the community with passion and commitment.”

In statement, Former United States Senator and Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun stated, “I am pleased to add my voice in support of Dilara Sayeed for State Representative. In these times, it is particularly important that we encourage people of competence and quality to take up public service. Dilara has stepped forward to offer her considerable skills and capacity to the people of 5th District and Illinois.  I not only applaud her, but endorse her effort.”

Chief Education Officer at the Golden Apple Foundation, Dilara led strategy and execution to ensure the best educators are prepared to go into schools-of-need across Illinois. She is a tech entrepreneur and founder of vPeer, an online virtual mentoring platform that focuses on accessible and effective professional mentoring for all, especially women, professionals-of-color, and those from low-income communities.

She has a master’s degree from Northwestern and a doctorate from Harvard University.  She teaches School Leadership at Northwestern and is a Fulbright Specialist in Education.