DNC Deputy Chair, Congressman Keith Ellison on Dilara Sayeed for State Rep:
She is the “Right Person”
Sayeed running in seat to be vacated by
Lieutenant Governor candidate Juliana Stratton

CHICAGO (October 11, 2017)— U.S. Representative Keith Ellison, who also serves as the Deputy
Chair of the Democratic National Committee attended the campaign launch of Dilara Sayeed, candidate
for State Representative of the 5th District.

Sayeed is running for the 5th District seat to be vacated by Lieutenant Governor candidate Juliana
Stratton. Sayeed is a community leader and former Chief Education Officer of the Golden Apple
Foundation. She would be the first Muslim to be elected to the Illinois state legislature, and only the third
in the country.

“You need to have state legislators willing to stand up for public education, to stand up for key issues,”
Ellison said. “We’ve got to have state legislators who can be unrelenting and not back down. Dilara is
stepping into [this work]. Step into it with her, because you are rolling with the right person.“

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